What is Can’t Get Much Higher?

If you’re looking for data-driven analyses about the musical trends of yesterday and today, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some popular topics we’ve covered:

And if that’s not enough, I also give you a new and an old song that I’ve been enjoying in the last week. I typically situate these songs as part of a larger discussion.

Who is Chris Dalla Riva?

I'm a musician who spends his days working on analytics and personalization at Audiomack, a NYC-based music streaming service with millions of monthly users.  The fact that I both make music and use numbers to analyze it gives me a strange perspective. Primarily, I have a deeply emotional connection with songs, songwriting, and music production. You have to if you're going to record. But because of the work I do during the day, I can also take a step back and look at things in a more detached manner. In short, I believe that a great song can save your life, but I'm also skeptical of that exact sentiment. Most of my writing comes from this unresolved tension.

Outside of Substack, my work has been featured by NPR and The Economist, among other places. You can follow all of my efforts here.

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The intersection of music and data


Chris Dalla Riva is a musician from New Jersey who works on analytics and personalization at Audiomack, a popular music streaming service. He writes Can't Get Much Higher, a weekly newsletter about the intersection of music and data.